Using Social Media in Real Estate: tips on getting more leads

Finding quality leads can sometimes be exhausting. Since the real estate markets are crowded with competitive agents, who are looking to close more deals than you, finding the alternative and unexplored routes is a must.

Here we want to share with you some tips on getting more leads with the help of social media.


For professional purposes, a business-oriented network like LinkedIn is the first step in the process of acquiring new leads. Since the possibility to browse the people, who are interested in real estate.

LinkedIn will provide you with filters that will help you determined which leads to picking and which not. However, if you’re thinking to advertise on LinkedIn, make sure you set a high budget since the costs of advertising are much higher than on Facebook.

As for the strategy, you can either post your call on the wall or email your potential leads directly.


Instagram is a new way of finding real estate leads. It would probably take more time to filter the leads and distinguish the ones you need, but it’s an excellent way to fill your sales funnel.

One way to do prospecting on Instagram is by hashtags. Start with the ones that resemble a local market you’re interested in. After you’ve filtered the results, you can DM the owner of the profile and start prospecting.


The good, old Facebook gives you the advantage of finding the leads for your campaign. With competitive pricing for advertisers, you are given the opportunity to find anything that you’re looking for in a short period.

Use the benefits of Facebook Ads – narrow down the search to be sure you’re getting only the leads that are useful to your campaign.

Alternative to Social Media Prospecting

Although social media prospecting can be easier and faster than traditional prospecting, you should always combine it with alternative approaches to finding leads. Those are not any novelty – it’s the conventional methods used in real estate for quite some time.

For example, you can try with direct mailing. Even it seems like a forgotten activity, the fact you’ve decided to use a traditional approach will cause curiosity within your prospects.

Another way is to be where your competitors are and make connections with them. It’s counterintuitive to make friends with your enemies, but it can be fruitful. After all, you’re in the same business which increases the chances that you’re going to find a mutual interest.

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