Since the late 70’s mattresses have evolved as well as bedroom furniture has to suit the health, luxury and comfort need in the bedroom for all the consumers. With all the excitement revolving around spring-loaded mattresses, water mattresses and all variants of firm mattresses, the evolution seems to be just starting.  The best extra firm mattress reviews suggest opting for the mattress from various brands.

Firm mattresses; So far known to be the longest standing and the best for the most common groups of people, firm mattresses can be found in various styles and makings. This may include but not limited to;

  • Latex foam mattresses which are made from naturally occurring and synthetic latex. It can either be made as a soft or rather firm texture depending on the process of manufacturing.
  • Hybrid mattresses are also known as high-density foam mattresses. These kinds of mattresses offer a long time service and value for one’s money with guaranteed comfort.
  • Memory mattresses. As the name suggests, memory foam mattresses are the highest of quality mattresses that are highly regarded for their unique feature to keep the memory of one’s body curvature and even weight distribution and support. Made from an almost elastic material, it is highly affected by variations in temperature hence the change in firmness during cold and warm seasons. These mattresses are highly recommended for people with joint pains and sleep-related conditions. It provides a unique feeling of comfort to the user hence a more relaxed night is almost guaranteed for most.

Comfort can be achieved with the type of mattress one chooses to buy from a store. However, satisfaction comes with every sleeper’s desired style of sleeping. Different people prefer different positions for their sleep. These styles include, back sleeping, side sleeping and tummy sleeping. In this case, we will focus on particularly on side sleepers.

Side sleepers;

These are a particular set of people who prefer sleeping on their side, either left or right or even both. This can be a very comforting position, but with the wrong bed accessories it can lead to annoying neck pain and ultimately to a serious spinal injury. So the question remains, is a firm mattress good for a side sleeper?

To understand this better, we have a look at the advantages of a firm mattress.

  • Even and proper distribution of weight; Firm mattresses are known for their ability to absorb a body’s weight and distribution of particles the dense areas with most weight keeping the body from sagging and stressing the particular area.
  • Quality restful sleep; With the body’s weight evenly distributed and stress on cells and joints eliminated, quality rest is almost a guaranteed, considering other factors are normal.
  • Support and alignment of one spine; Firm mattresses have the ability to form equal to the particular sleeper’s body curvature. Hence, one can have a comfortable sleep, and his or her spine safeguarded since the mattress can easily shape up to the body’s structuring.
  • Comfort for all regardless of age or body size; Firm mattresses are recommended for all ages and conditions. Being the most popular and available too, one can just walk to almost any market and buy one.

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