In case of a fire, you might find that the place still smells like smoke. It is not easy to get rid of the stench of smoke. Factors that affect the odor include the exposure time, the material that was burnt and also the size of the house. Some tried and true methods that ensure the smoke odor removal are:


Let the air out

The first thing you can do after the fire is extinguished is to let the air out of your home. Open all the doors and windows allow ventilation as the air circulating will clear out the bad odor. To even improve the removal of odor, keep your fan on, which will lead to diluting the air and eventually clearing out the odor.

Remove curtains and drapes

Even after opening your doors and windows, you might find that the air inside your house has still some odor left. It is due to the trapped smoke in your drapes and curtains. In order to remove the odor, wash your curtain, use a detergent that can eliminate the odor and also add a smell cleaner too.


Wash solid surfaces

Some surfaces can trap smoke and ashes; you need to clean all the solid surfaces of your home in order to get rid of the odor. Try to apply cleaning detergents which are heavy on fragrance and also clean wood flooring and furniture with a fragrant cleaner.


Clean your carpet

Carpets just like curtains can trap odor and washing your carpet can be a task and you still cannot effectively remove the stench. Try spreading the baking soda on the affected area, baking soda will absorb the odor and then you can clean your carpet using a fragrant detergent.

Wash window screens

Window screens can also absorb the odor from any kind of burning. In order to remove the smell wash the window screens with the help of shampoo, this will also help you get rid of all the dirt that has been accumulated due to the smoke.


Clean light fixtures

Smoke tends to rise up and deposited on light fixtures. You need to clean them thoroughly to reduce the smoke odor.


Mop the floors

Mopping the floor with just plain water does not help with the odor. Apply a mix of detergent into your mopping water and get rid of residue smoke odor.


Use Vinegar

Even if you have cleaned every solid surface, washed all the windows and clothes, washed the carpets and curtains and still the odor persists you need vinegar. Place some vinegar in a bowl and let it evaporate into the air; this will ensure that the vinegar in the air will suppress the smoke smell.





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