Cleaning Tips for Agents Before an Open House

Are you a real estate agent look for cleaning tips to help you sell you house fast? If you have decided that you want to sell your home, then you need to prepare it to make it market ready. Always remember that nothing adds value to your potential buyer’s perception like a clean house. Few buyers will prefer to purchase a home sight unseen.

Hosting an open house is an excellent way of attracting many prospective buyers to come and view your picture-perfect polished home. But you have to make your home ready for buyers to see it. This article will provide cleaning tips that will help real estate agents to make your home market-ready to potential buyers.

Cleaning Tips for Making Your Home Buyer-Ready

Get Rid of Clutter

Potential buyers are likely to be turned off when they find too many appliances lying on the kitchen counters, piles of newspapers or magazines in the living room and many types of furniture spread throughout the whole house.

The clutter makes the buyer think that the house is too small for them and their belongings. Start to clean the house by getting rid of all those things that are not required in the house. You can sell the items that are in excellent condition or donate them to charity.

Combat Mildew and Mold

Mildew and mold mostly bring problems in the bathrooms. With all the data in the public domain about diseases that molds can cause, potential home buyers will be too much sensitive about its presence in your home.

Use a non-streaking washing product for mirrors and shower doors. Use a liquid bleach to eliminate
all mildew stains from shower curtains, doors and grout.

Neutralize Odors

If the house has funny smells, then you need to make an effort to neutralize them before a potential buyer visits. Shampoo the carpets before your open house and bath the pets to make them give a pleasant smell. Use aroma sprays and fresheners to give your home an inviting scent.

Clean the Entryway Properly

This is the first area that your potential buyers will see. Sweep all the sidewalks and steps leading to the house while removing any cobwebs that might be along the way.  Also, the first couple steps into the house need to be extremely clean, so make sure to vacuum that area thoroughly.  We’ve recommended a top rated shark vacuum in the past, but use whatever works best for you, as long as it gets done.

Polish ceiling fans and light fixtures in every room

Remember that even the finest details matter to potential buyers. When cleaning globes and light casings, make sure that you place a cloth at the bottom of your sink to reduce the chances of the glasses breaking.

Add extra shine to your bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Use baby oil on faucets and sinks, to make them shine brightly. Arrange several towels in the kitchen and bathroom to show some decency.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Trim the lawns prune the shrubs and weed the beds. These simple tasks can help to improve your
potential buyer’s first impression.

Hire a cleaning Professional

If it is becoming too overwhelming to clean the home before an open house, then hire a cleaning service provider to take care of it for you so that the house is ready to go by the time you have the open house.

In the end, the main thing is to make sure you’ve done everything you can in order to have a successful open house.  So, just follow what’s outlined above and you’ll be well on your way to selling the home.

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