In case of a fire, you might find that the place still smells like smoke. It is not easy to get rid of the stench of smoke. Factors that affect the odor include the exposure time, the material that was burnt and also the size of the house. Some tried and true methods that ensure the smoke odor removal are:


Let the air out

The first thing you can do after the fire is extinguished is to let the air out of your home. Open all the doors and windows allow ventilation as the air circulating will clear out the bad odor. To even improve the removal of odor, keep your fan on, which will lead to diluting the air and eventually clearing out the odor.

Remove curtains and drapes

Even after opening your doors and windows, you might find that the air inside your house has still some odor left. It is due to the trapped smoke in your drapes and curtains. In order to remove the odor, wash your curtain, use a detergent that can eliminate the odor and also add a smell cleaner too.


Wash solid surfaces

Some surfaces can trap smoke and ashes; you need to clean all the solid surfaces of your home in order to get rid of the odor. Try to apply cleaning detergents which are heavy on fragrance and also clean wood flooring and furniture with a fragrant cleaner.


Clean your carpet

Carpets just like curtains can trap odor and washing your carpet can be a task and you still cannot effectively remove the stench. Try spreading the baking soda on the affected area, baking soda will absorb the odor and then you can clean your carpet using a fragrant detergent.

Wash window screens

Window screens can also absorb the odor from any kind of burning. In order to remove the smell wash the window screens with the help of shampoo, this will also help you get rid of all the dirt that has been accumulated due to the smoke.


Clean light fixtures

Smoke tends to rise up and deposited on light fixtures. You need to clean them thoroughly to reduce the smoke odor.


Mop the floors

Mopping the floor with just plain water does not help with the odor. Apply a mix of detergent into your mopping water and get rid of residue smoke odor.


Use Vinegar

Even if you have cleaned every solid surface, washed all the windows and clothes, washed the carpets and curtains and still the odor persists you need vinegar. Place some vinegar in a bowl and let it evaporate into the air; this will ensure that the vinegar in the air will suppress the smoke smell.





Things To Consider While Purchasing GIC

Guaranteed Investment Certificate is one of the simplest and risk-free ways to invest your hard earned money. You will be sure of what you will be getting out of your investment. It is one of the biggest advantages that you have in GICs. It helps a lot in making calculated future plans.

Just because GIC is safe and advantageous it does mean that you can blindly invest in it. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before purchasing a GIC. In this article, we will see in detail the important things that you need to consider before buying GICS.

Choosing the right term

The most important thing that you need to consider is the term of the GIC that you are choosing. When it comes to terms, the first thing that you need to know is that the term that you are choosing will directly impact the interest rates. The longer term will have higher interest rates, and short terms will have less interest rate. The interest rates and the terms are directly proportional to each other.  Before choosing the terms, make sure that you will able to afford to make the deposits. There are three different GICs when it comes to terms. They are

Short term

The short term GICs are the ones that have a deposit term of one month (thirty days) to one year (364 days). If you are looking to get a higher interest rate when compared to a saving account, short term GIC is definitely one of the best options out there.

Long term

The long term GICs are the ones that have the deposit period of one to five years. It is one of the investments that have a very high interest rate. This is the best option for people who have big plans in the future, like buying a house.

Cashable GICs

The Gic rates in cashable GICs are based on a one-year term. The cash can be withdrawn after the first thirty days of deposit, which is not the case for the rest of the plans. You get the entire principle with interest gained out of it.

Choosing the right type

There are different GICs that offered by the banks, and different GICs will have different rules. Make sure that that you read the rules and regulations before you sign up for GIC investment plan. Most of GICs are non-cashable and non-redeemable. It means the money cannot be withdrawn until the end of the term. There are some GICs that are simple cash investments that are linked with the stock market. These kinds of GICs there no confirmed returns because it deals with a volatile market.

Interest Rate

The interest rates are the next important thing that you need to pay more attention. The interest rates will differ from one plan to another. The longer terms will have higher interest rates, and short terms will have less interest rates. The interest rates can vary from 2.70 percent to 3.15 percent depending on the term and types of GIC.…

Mistakes to avoid while leasing a commercial space


With the growing and expansion of your business, you might need to look for additional space that will help you to further expand your business. But the search for your commercial space can be a stressful and complicated process but you need to make sure that you are taking the right steps as it lays foundation for the future growth of your business. You should not be in a hurry to lease the space and you should know the mistakes to avoid when you lease commercial space. This is especially important because negotiating commercial lease can be a confusing process as there are a lot of terms and conditions involved in the leasing process. Therefore you also need to discuss everything in details with your landlord for making sure that it does not cause any damage to your business and its workings. You need to be especially careful while signing of the lease documents because one single mistake can be a disaster for your business and you might end up losing a lot of money.


Mistakes to avoid while leasing a commercial space

Not anticipating the time for space acquisition- when leasing a commercial space, the most common mistake that every businessman make it not anticipating the time that takes to acquire the space. This means, you will lose the number of days that is involved in the process and it will make your business suffer for the lost days. The time taken for space acquisition will depend on the length and complexity of the lease, capability of the attorney and other important factors.

Not reading the terms and conditions of the lease agreement- the lease agreements includes a large number of terms and conditions that can be complex and confusing in nature. Therefore you need to read the terms and conditions of the lease carefully so that you can avoid conflicts with your landlord. The most important aspect of the lease agreement is the nature of rent obligations, lease term, nature of repairs obligations as well as subletting obligations.

Focusing on the leasing amount- it is important that you look for a commercial space that will fit your budget, but the price should not be the only consideration that you need to keep in mind. You need to take into account the other monetary factors that will determine while deciding on the leasing amount so that you will pay a fair price for the space. Considering the costs for modifying the space should also be taken into account so that you will not have to pay a large amount of money for any kind of space modifications.

Not hiring the best broker representation- when leasing a commercial space, it is important to hire an experienced and qualified real estate broker who will help you in this process. You should pay attention to the qualities of the broker you intend to hire so that you will get amazing benefits to your business. It will help you get higher return on your investment when you hire the best broker for your business needs.…


Since the late 70’s mattresses have evolved as well as bedroom furniture has to suit the health, luxury and comfort need in the bedroom for all the consumers. With all the excitement revolving around spring-loaded mattresses, water mattresses and all variants of firm mattresses, the evolution seems to be just starting.  The best extra firm mattress reviews suggest opting for the mattress from various brands.

Firm mattresses; So far known to be the longest standing and the best for the most common groups of people, firm mattresses can be found in various styles and makings. This may include but not limited to;

  • Latex foam mattresses which are made from naturally occurring and synthetic latex. It can either be made as a soft or rather firm texture depending on the process of manufacturing.
  • Hybrid mattresses are also known as high-density foam mattresses. These kinds of mattresses offer a long time service and value for one’s money with guaranteed comfort.
  • Memory mattresses. As the name suggests, memory foam mattresses are the highest of quality mattresses that are highly regarded for their unique feature to keep the memory of one’s body curvature and even weight distribution and support. Made from an almost elastic material, it is highly affected by variations in temperature hence the change in firmness during cold and warm seasons. These mattresses are highly recommended for people with joint pains and sleep-related conditions. It provides a unique feeling of comfort to the user hence a more relaxed night is almost guaranteed for most.

Comfort can be achieved with the type of mattress one chooses to buy from a store. However, satisfaction comes with every sleeper’s desired style of sleeping. Different people prefer different positions for their sleep. These styles include, back sleeping, side sleeping and tummy sleeping. In this case, we will focus on particularly on side sleepers.

Side sleepers;

These are a particular set of people who prefer sleeping on their side, either left or right or even both. This can be a very comforting position, but with the wrong bed accessories it can lead to annoying neck pain and ultimately to a serious spinal injury. So the question remains, is a firm mattress good for a side sleeper?

To understand this better, we have a look at the advantages of a firm mattress.

  • Even and proper distribution of weight; Firm mattresses are known for their ability to absorb a body’s weight and distribution of particles the dense areas with most weight keeping the body from sagging and stressing the particular area.
  • Quality restful sleep; With the body’s weight evenly distributed and stress on cells and joints eliminated, quality rest is almost a guaranteed, considering other factors are normal.
  • Support and alignment of one spine; Firm mattresses have the ability to form equal to the particular sleeper’s body curvature. Hence, one can have a comfortable sleep, and his or her spine safeguarded since the mattress can easily shape up to the body’s structuring.
  • Comfort for all regardless of age or body size; Firm mattresses are recommended for all ages and conditions. Being the most popular and available too, one can just walk to almost any market and buy one.